Making thors hammer

making thors hammer

A friend of mine is a massive Thor fan boy, he wanted a mjolnir or hammer, but he making the basic shape I wanted (I went with the movie hammer in the end). How to make your own Mjolnir or Thor's hammer form metal at a relatively low cost for such a high quality Thor's hammer build. (Personal Protection Equipment!) Buff Dudes / DIY / How to Make Thor's Workout Hammer Edited by.


Mjölnir (Thor: The Dark World) - MAN AT ARMS I decided to start by making Thor's hammer, Mjolnir. Thor's Mighty Odeon Hammer! After getting it the right shape I used my file to smooth it. I'm building my own hammer and I managed to cut myself with my chisel in the exact same place. Now you're ready to save the world! I used a wide roll so I'd get good coverage.

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How did you get the X going down the inside of the strap? Most of the rest of the work can be accomplished with hand-tools and creativity. It's a good idea to put some masking tape over the detail on the sides before you add JB Weld. Haha that is spooky! Use as many clamps as necessary to keep the clamping force even.

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Let me know how yours goes, I'd love to see it. While the glue dries, sand the dowel down to grit and stain about 24" of it. Since I know I'll be riveting the side caps on, I marked them and the braces as A and B and drilled holes for my rivets. Plan B First things first, the hammers got a "step" on the bottom, so with the aid of a router I cut that out bondo'd the bit where the TOOLS X-acto knife and metal ruler: Glue the plywood to the block of 2x4s.

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